East LA – 35 Years Later



Here’s a screen shot from my computer of Richard Dreyfus in the movie “The Big Fix,” released in 1978. The other is me in the same place off East Olympic Boulevard in June, 2013.

1 thought on “East LA – 35 Years Later

  1. Bruce Critchley’s I’d like to correct the caption for your picture of the Jaguar in Estrada Courts Projects.
    Its Location is not in East L.A. or East Los Angeles.
    It is East of Downtown Los Angeles but it’s also East of other L.A. Cities.
    Technically it’s in the City of Los Angeles in the Boyle Heights Community.
    East Los Angeles or East L.A. is actually 4 miles further East down Olympic Blvd in the County and NOT city of Los Angeles. East Los Angeles starts bordering at Indiana Ave to Garfield Blvd.
    Thank you for visiting and admiring our humble community off Boyle Heights and the Estrada Courts Projects. Joe Large Pallares

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