What Is This?


This project started a few years ago when my friend Tom Price and I began taking long walks, exploring different neighborhoods of Los Angeles. After a while, we started taking the camera along, and immediately noticed all the street art in the city. Since then, we’ve walked many miles in L.A., and I’ve traveled to many places, asking friends, and often strangers to take the pictures.

This blog obviously celebrates the street art of the world, but not just that. The one thing all the pictures have in common? … Me.

I have another blog you might like to take a look at – Bruce Critchley’s Mexico Here and There – in which I photograph and write about my favorite experiences with Mexico, both in and outside of Mexico. Here’s the link: http://mexicohereandthere.com/

8 thoughts on “What Is This?

  1. Hi Bruce, love the photos, especially the dual profile shot More Melrose! Is it the discovery as in finding it, or the discovery as in being face-to-face with a giant colorful piece of art that you enjoy? I recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to build an app to help discover and share street art (http://kck.st/RDPyhI). If you think this is something your readers would like, it would mean so much for you to blog about it (if you sometimes blog about other things that murals and you! haha)! Thank you!

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